Sahir Lodhi lashes out at trolls and haters in a recent press conference

Sahir Lodhi lashes out at trolls and haters in a recent press conference

Sahir Lodhi came under fire for his acting, direction and every other skill in Raasta. Not only him, but his fans were also made a target of being below the line and not par the society’s standards of what we call ‘class’ and ‘attitude’. However, all Lodhi needed was a platform to be given, through which he could address all the hate that he and his fans have been getting.

In his press conference, Lodhi has tried to clear the air, rather in a stern way as to why his fans are being referred to people who couldn’t afford to go in high-end, luxurious cinemas. Thus, pointing to them as those who do not have any standards.

Who gives you that right to differentiate? 

Who are you to decide that people who go to Nueplex are any different than those people who go to Bambino?

Do you know people and their deeds? Are you playing God?

This is how Sahir Lodhi starts his conference, lashing out at all the people who found different ways to troll him and his following. He further went on to express his utter sadness on how people have find ways to degrade others, without thinking of the gap that they are creating.

Well, Lodhi has received a fair share of hatred and extreme animosity on his part through his cinematic debut Raasta. People have left no stone unturned to make his fun or the people who actually like him or his movie. It’s sad to acknowledge that for once Lodhi is right, no one and by no one I mean, no one has the right to suppress someone on the basis of their preferences or the places they go. It’s high time we take entertainment as entertainment and stop pulling the leg of actors and their fans. We never know what the consequences may lead to.


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