Sansa Stark will Become a Leader this Season.


This season Sansa Stark is finally going to take a stand for herself. She will become a leader on Game Of Thrones this season, actress Sophie Turner said. “This is the season I’m most excited for. Sansa’s coming into her own and standing up for herself.”

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The actress has hinted that Sansa will take on a more empowered role since the character escaped the evil Bolton family at the end of season five. We last saw Sansa in the Season 5 finale, finally escaping the clutches of her evil husband Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon), and fleeing Winterfell with her longtime friend Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen). While we’ve seen shots of her in the new trailers, we don’t know anything about where Sansa and Theon may be heading to. Regardless of where her character lands,

“I think people really, really respond to characters that are very strong willed…and I think Sansa keeps everything so under wraps in order for her to survive. I think people often question her motives because she doesn’t do everything on the surface,” she said. “She doesn’t fight back immediately, but she’ll get her revenge one day I think.”


She told that the character is starting to become “a leader, rather than a pawn in someone else’s game.”

But she added that she hopes the show kills off Sansa eventually. “I don’t want to survive,” she said. “If you’re on Game of Thrones and don’t have a cool death scene what’s the point?”


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