Secret Revealed: What Is The Reason Behind Katrina Kaif’s Super Hot Bikini-Bod

Accept the fact that since Kaala Chashma’s video has released, we are watching it Baar Baar and literally drooling over Katrina’s killer figure. Girls must be wondering what has she done to look so sexy, right? Well she has actually revealed her secret and I hope you could actually man-up to follow it girls.


When she was asked about her rocking bikini body, she replied:

“Sidharth gave me tips. He was there with me. There was a portion in the film that Nitya Mehra (director) wanted a very distinct look. I had to get a lot fitter. I gave up a lot of nice things in life.”

And few minutes later Sidharth  said,  “She was very particular about her skin and water intake.”

So there you go, water intake it is!


FHM Pakistan

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