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Self Defense; A Battle for Freedom

Self defense is important for us. Because of the reason how society is. We need more outlets where young girls and women are urged to learn self defense and boxing so they can guard themselves in the midst of any kind of danger. So they do not have to rely upon the male individuals of their family. 

Women should not feel unsafe and and scared, they should be encouraged to take part in learning self defense. We all know about the circumstances of Karachi. We see young girls become a target of rape, sexual harassment, assault, kidnappings. So to fight against this, they must know how to protect themselves. 

Regardless of whether you have found yourself in a circumstance that made you feel physically threatened, having consolation about your next steps and what you can do to help yourself if any kind of danger occur can have a great impact. 

Always remember, Prevention is the best self-defense. Have an awareness about your surroundings, follow safety measures, try to be quick while walking in dimly lit corridors. Keep your keys in your hands. But apart from that, women should learn how to fight back. 

There are some basic techniques that every women should know:

1. Break Free from Wrist Hold

If the attacker grabs your wrist, then turn your wrist into the attacker’s hand, that way attacker’s thumb is below your thumb. Do not pull away rather swiftly bend your elbow to tug your arm from the attacker’s grip. 

2. Strike Straight

It is a way of breaking the attacker’s nose without punching. Hit the attacker with an open palm, push on the nose with the bottom of your palm. You have to put a lot of force behind it.

3. Pull their Ear

The reason for this is, ears are very sensitive and since they are attached to the head, the attacker won’t be able to see properly when you will pull their ear. They can break free from your grip, but it will give you time to run. 

4. Notice Major Pressure Points

If you know all the pressure points, you can easily fight the attacker without putting a great deal of fight. It can help you fight in any position. Pressure points include: Ears, Eyes, Throat, Groin, Kneecap, Nose, and the back of the knee. If you can kick or punch any of these pressure points, you have a great chance of survival. 

5. Stay Calm and Steady

If you panic, you can get attacked. It is a difficult task to remain calm but if you want to deliberate decisions, you have to stay cool headed. If the attacker acknowledges that you are scared then it can be very dangerous, If you can keep a calm composure, you can easily fight back. 

6. Poke them in the Eye

Do not think about not doing any damage if you are being attacked. Something as simple as poking them in the eye can be beneficial. We all know that poke in the eye can hurt badly, so go for the eyes.

7. Attack First

If you are getting any kind of vibe that someone is following you or if they are walking behind you and threatening you. Do not wait for them to attack, land your first hit. If you attack first, your attacker will get exhausted and it will be a benefit for you. The time they will take to recover from your hit, you will get the time to flee. 

8. You can fight, other than your Fists

Learn to fight with your hands, elbows, legs and knees as well. Any body part can do a grave damage to the attacker. You can fight with your fists but that does not mean that these are the only option for you to fight back. 


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