If you have any of these seven things, you are not a normal human!

If you have any of these seven things, you are not a normal human!

Being normal isn’t easy and it is mainstream too! Yes, everybody is normal, let’s try being abnormal for change. Right? However, there are some of us who might be ‘not normal,’ as compared to the other seven billion people walking all corners of the world.

To let people know if they are normal or not, AsapScience has come up with some scientific answers on how you can compare yourself on the scale of ‘normalcy’ as compared to the rest of the world.

Are you red-haired?

Do you have red hair? If yes, then you are definitely not normal! Only meager 0.5 percent of the entire world population has red hair. Talk about being ‘special’.

Can you roll your tongue?

To those who cannot roll their tongue are definitely unique in their own way. Between 65 to 85 percent of the world population is capable of rolling their tongue. So, if you cannot, it means you are among a talented lot.

Are you left-handed?

Just a 15 percent of the world population is left-handed, with majority of them being indicated as people who have high levels of intelligence and IQ.

Do you still have wisdom teeth?

If your wisdom teeth are still a pain, knocking out and hurting like anything then you are among those abnormals as only 35 per cent people around the world are left with their wisdom teeth to fight with.

Are you February-born? 

The least popular month to be born is February, with rare births taking place in this month worldwide. The most common months are August and September.

Are you unmarried?

If you are unmarried, you are eccentric! Yes, no matter how strange it sound, four in five adults globally are married. Never knew that!

Do you enjoy drinking milk?

This one may come as no surprise to many, as most of us cannot even entertain the idea of drinking milk. So if you are one of those who drink milk without any ifs and buts, you are among the rare 25 per cent who are lactose-tolerant around the world.


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