Did Shah Rukh Khan get 2 crore for the staged prank?

shahrukh khan pranked

A recent video of a prank on Shah Rukh Khan went viral and fans are equally angry as SRK was after he got to know he got pranked by this Egyptian comedian Ramez Galal. He lost his cool and even beat the anchor even after Galal apologized for several times SRK left.

We all have seen the viral video, and it is confirmed that it was staged and preplanned; SRK wasn’t angry and was aware of the whole situation before. His manager Pooja Dadlani also gave an official statement that it was all planned, “Yes, it was staged and Shah Rukh Khan was aware and was acting as if he was angry.”

There were also rumors that he got paid for the entire act and the amount was 2 crore but Pooja remained silent on this and refused to answer. Ramez also shared a selfie with king khan after the staged prank:


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