Shaheen Airlines delayed? Well, I’m not surprised.

A dear colleague of mine had to travel today from Karachi to Lahore due to an event coverage. He took the earliest flight possible to reach his destination before the event in order to settle down a bit. His flight was scheduled at 1.30pm for which he left for the airport on time. Reaching there, He was informed that the flight had been delayed due to some issues and would now fly at 3.30pm.

My colleague  came back to the office and decided to finish of some work. He then called the airport to make sure the flight was on time and was assured by the attendant that it would be. Yet again, on reaching the airport he along with other passengers were told that the flight would now fly at 7.30. This rose anger and agitation among the passengers and the boarding gate turned into a frenzy.



The security staff was unable to corporate and the passengers were abused on making videos of the situation and taking pictures. This is what Shaheen Airlines calls international standards? That a person who opts for them over other airlines and modes of transportation gets disappointed by the number of changes in flight times. Airlines are the fastest mode of domestic and international travelling and if they will not be on time then who do we depend on?


This is a plead to the concerned authority, please look into these matters as they may seem petty to you but can be life changing to others.


FHM Pakistan

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