Shahrukh Khan’s new bhangra song is all you need to watch

Shahrukh Khan's new bhangra song is all you need to watch

Jab Harry Met Sejal song Phurrr, featuring the Punjabi boy Harry aka Shah Rukh Khan and Gujarati girl Sejal aka Anushka Sharma, is all about breaking free. Composed by American DJ Diplo in collaboration with Pritam, the song is a mix of bhangra and EDM.

“We met somewhere last year and he (Diplo) gave us a bunch of tracks, saying that we could choose any of them. They were just instrumental tracks without any composition or melody,” Pritam said in a statement.

“Imtiaz shortlisted one track, he felt that the production and vibe of the track will go very well in a particular situation. So, I had to compose the song on the instrumental Diplo had made,” he added.

While the tune in itself is addictive, Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma’s chemistry on screen is mind-blowing.

Starring Shah Rukh as ‘Harinder Singh Nehra aka Harry’ and Anushka as ‘Sejal Jhaveri’, Imtiaz’s film follows two strangers as they cut an adventurous path through six countries in search of a missing engagement ring. Jab Harry met Sejal will hit the theatres on August 4.


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