Shakira to make her comeback with this new album

Shakira to make her comeback with this new album

The famous superstar singer Shakira has recently announced that she will release a new album later this month.

Shakira, one of the top-selling Latin artists of all time, told her nearly 45 million Twitter fans and followers that her album, “El Dorado,” will come out on May 26.

The album’s title refers to the mythical city of riches of Spanish explorers in Colombia. The cover art of “El Dorado,” however, is somber with Shakira’s face peeking out of an off-white background.

Shakira last year released the album “Chantaje,” which means “Blackmail,” a playful duet about temptation and desire with Colombian reggaeton singer Maluma.

The video, in which the pink-haired Shakira and Maluma dance flirtatiously through a secret club hidden in an Indian grocery store, was the fastest Spanish-language piece to generate 100 million views on hosting site Vevo.

Shakira last month followed up with a second track, “Me Enamore” (“I Fell In Love”), which has touches of reggaeton rhythms as she sings of her relationship with Spanish footballer Gerard Pique.

Her last album in 2014 was in English and entitled simply “Shakira,” featured her singing confessional-style to an acoustic guitar in a sound more in line with US singer-songwriters.

Her last album reflected entirely on motherhood. She has two children with Pique and gave birth just before and after the album.

With her mix of Latin and Arabic rhythms and rock influences, Shakira is one of the biggest crossover acts from Latin America, scoring major global hits with songs such as “Hips Don´t Lie” and “Whenever, Wherever.”


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