Shame on you Adnan Sami!



The famous Pakistani Pop Singer Adnan Sami left his very own country Pakistan for India. He surrendered his Pakistani Nationality to get Indian citizenship. After his passport got expired he didn’t get it renewed and requested for an Indian citizenship instead. It was the second request of Adnan Sami Khan to apply for Indian citizenship, his first request was rejected by the Indian government after which he filed a new request in 2015.

Adnan Sami tweeted about it that his heart has always been in India and that he’s very happy and feels like home.


adnan sami



Later, his request got approved from Narendra Modi and he is now officially an Indian citizen.

“Dil Kab Se Yahan Baith Gaya Tha, this is where I’ve always been really happy. The only thing keeping me physically away was a piece of paper, which I have today. With that in my hand, I told my wife Roya, Fikar Mat Karo, Tum Mere Mulk Mein Ho. I’ll take care of you,’” Adnan Sami added.

This is an eye-opening for us Pakistanis as such talent is leaving us, and shameful for all of those who have left Pakistan, never knowing it’s worth.

Dear Adnan Sami, never come back, Pakistan doesn’t need people like you.



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