This shocking truth about ‘Nargis Fakhri’ will blow you away!

There are some gorgeous looking B-town actresses who are 40+ or say 50+ yet they still manage to look so much younger than their actual age. Call it a plastic surgery or a miracle, but they have maintained themselves so good that by looking at them nobody can guess their real age.

Among the actresses who have defied their age and fought with the law of nature, Nargis Fakhri tops the list. Regardless of her beautiful features and hot figure, she is surprisingly of double the age of what she actually looks like.

Surprised? So was I!

Fakhri has maintained herself so fabulously that most of the people, including you and I, would probably fit her in the 20’s category.

However, the most shocking factor is that she has crossed her 30’s, and her real age is 37.

I know it’s hard to believe but nothing in life is impossible, especially when you are determined, dedicated and take care of yourself and your diet.

Do you want to fight the law of nature and stay young for as long as possible? Take her as your inspiration and follow her beauty regime, you would definitely thank me later!


FHM Pakistan

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