This is why you shouldn’t blow your birthday candles.

This is why you shouldn’t blow your birthday candles.

Making a wish and then blowing candles is certainly the most fun and beautiful part of cake cutting, but blowing candles on the cake can also make you sick. Yes you heard it right. It is extremely bad for your health and increases your vulnerability to bacteria?

Yes, this all sounds scary but is scientifically proven, after multiple studies have found that blowing out candles does spread germs and bacteria all over the cake.

When you blow the candles you actually spit on the cake, and a number of bacteria just grow. It sounds funny but Austria’s National Health & Welfare Council even issued a warning against blowing candles.

We have a suggestion for your next birthday that you better wave your hand to blow the candles. It might not be a fun thing to do but is perfectly fine for your health.


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