Sooper Junoon World Cup 2019 Anthem Gains Appreciation from Celebrities!


A feeling of being equal and free, being accepte and loved unconditionally, a sense of responsibility and possessiveness for the nation – all this is what makes a country a true homeland! Peek Freans Sooper has come up with an extraordinary campaign that is promoting and showcasing patriotism for this very homeland that we call Pakistan, while highlighting the diversity within our country.

Peek Freans Sooper has brought forth a very important concept in their Sooper Junoon World Cup Anthem 2019 ‘Choolein Aasmaan/Badlein Jahan’. A song that brings an entire nation together, the brand has managed to emphasize on the importance of cricket in our lives – communicating quite clearly that no matter which part of the country we live in, what faith do we believe in, or what our culture is, we ALL are Pakistanis and entirely united for one thing – our love for Cricket and our tireless support for our Team Green!

This nation has a separate kind of passion for Cricket; win or lose, nothing stops us from cheering on for our beloved team, and the fact is that irrespective how many ways we might be difference from each other, we all equally carry that craze for cricket!
‘Badlein Jahan’ is an upbeat number with the kind of music that would make you sing along, while the music video boasts of a strong level of diversity within Pakistan with a whole lot of nationalistic pride! Including differences in language, culture, religion, education, gender, and even the contrasting professions of our society – from a white-collar worker to a truck driver, this video has covered every aspect of our beloved nation, because that is what makes up the entire Pakistan.

A very firm focus is on the minorities, the underrepresented parts of our community and the far-flung areas of Pakistan that usually get sidelined from being showcased in the media.

They exquisitely have summed up the beauty of Pakistan and showed that we are ONE and united under the banner of Cricket; the love of it has been inherently injected into Pakistanis since forever and we are all equally passionate about it. This is a powerful feeling that brings about an onslaught of goosebumps! As said by our Quaid, that there is no power on Earth that can undo Pakistan. Our biggest strength really lies in our diversity!

The anthem has attracted Cricketers and Celebrities alike who we see cannot stop gushing about it.

Our heartthrob & Jeeto Pakistan’s Voice – Fahad Mustafa shared to twitter about the anthem!


Junoon has been number 1 for a lot of people, including our Top Ranking Sana Mir as well!


The anthem has been widely appreciated by Pakistanis everywhere. We saw many renowned celebrities sharing the music video on their social media handles, like Armeena Khan, Umair Jaswal, Ayeza Khan, Maya Ali and even the sports celebs like Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar to name a few. Prominent figures from our entertainment industry have been vocal about supporting and loving this bold and unusual concept behind the Sooper Junoon World Cup anthem.

The multi-talented Maya Ali endorses equality in diversity!


Our beauty with brains – Armeena Khan cheering on the anthem and its powerful message of unity!



Umair Jaswal also seems to be taken by surprise by the exciting anthem and advocates the spirit of harmony to his followers!


Ayeza Khan speaking our minds: talking about the rights of minorities in Pakistan with confidence, while praising the amazing anthem!


Not only by the celebrities, but it has been making rounds among desis all over the world, especially by people from the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and Australia. Their positive feedback clearly shows that wherever Pakistanis are, their hearts beat for their land. Junoon’s reunion after fifteen years has finally shown that they are still the best local artists for their Junooni rock music and can deliver the same quality they always had.

Peek Freans Sooper has done an amazing job conveying their message and has displayed utmost responsibility towards creating a harmonized, united and peaceful society in which each and every citizen is treated as equal.

Sooper hai poora Pakistan!


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