Sorry folks you won’t see Priyanka in Quantico for awhile

Sorry folks you won't see Priyanka in Quantico for awhile

Even though Priyanka Chopra has faced a lot of failures and success all together, but she never let failure overpower her. She is a global icon and her worldwide fame is because of ABC’s television series Quantico.

However, there are reports that the season three of ‘Quantico’ will probably not happen as the maker of the show, Joshua Saffron, in a recent interview said that they are unsure of a third season.

When asked Priyanka about the season three of ‘Quantico’ getting shelved, she said:

“That’s not the reason. What happens is that after every season, the channel goes back and they do a consensus to see which shows should come back for another season and which they are cancelling, what their budgets are. Right now, we are in that phase. Even after season 1, we didn’t know if season 2 was coming until May last year. So now, we are still waiting to see if there will be a season 3 or not.”

This has left us confused whether to wait for the next season or not.


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