Spa-Salon visits on weekend is the best therapy ever

Mona J Spa Salon

There was a time, when salon or spa visits were a big no for me. But now, due to the hectic routine, the only thing in mind, when weekend arrives; is to rush to the salon, to collect all the positive vibes and pampering to get it going for the next week.

img_1773 Mona J Spa Salon Mona J Spa Salon
img_1777 Mona J Spa Salon

The spa-salon culture in Karachi, has created quite a haul. Recently, when Mona.J re-launched her salon, it was a mandatory thing to pay her a visit. Serene environment with one of a kind spa, manicures and pedicures, make-up rooms and hairstyling station.

Mona J Spa Salon

Half of my fatigue was gone with the thought of getting a much-due hair cut. Nazia, being an amazing stylist gave me the look I wanted this season. Happiness is when your stylist understands, what you want and this made my weekend worth waiting for.


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