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How to Spice-up a really plain outfit with BOLD accessories!

Sick of your day-to-day outfits? You don’t need a whole new wardrobe—the most boring looks can be transformed with the help of a few key accessories. Follow our advice for fresh updates using your favorite jewelry, bags, and shoes.

  1. Update the Little Black Dress (LBD)

You can hardly find someone who doesn’t own an LBD. This versatile piece can be worn to a party, a dinner date or even when you are going out with your friends. However, a plain LBD can quickly become boring, what with plenty of others donning the same, all-black attire. But the accessories can turn a plain LBD into a stunning head-turning piece. How? You could pair your LBD with a bold handbag, chunky jewelry, statement earrings, or a stylish watch. But make sure, not to overdo your look.

  1. Spice Up that Plain White Shirt and Boring Pants

A white shirt, a semi-formal skirt and a pairs of pants is a wardrobe staple most women have. While you can wear these for a formal event, you simply can’t think of wearing them to a party. Right? Wrong — you just need to spice things up a bit. Wear a bold necklace and colorful heels. Try on a girly sling bag and match it with a cool hat. That’s all. And, you’re ready to hit the road in style!

  1. Make the Boring Jeans and Plain T-Shirt More Interesting

Just add a trendy scarf to your regular pair of jeans and t-shirt and you look a lot more fashionable and trendy. Not only do scarves make you look good, they keep you warm during cold days. Choose a scarf with some bold prints or choose a knitted scarf if you’re planning to go out on a chilly day. Adding a belt can also add some drama to your look. You can choose from skinny or wider belts. Choose a contrasting colour to make your look more interesting.

  1. Go Digital

Another cool way to update boring outfits is by pairing them with digital accessories. Designer headphones such as those from Case Haven and cool phone accessories can be a great way to show off your style. Ditch those boring white earbud headphones for a statement pair that complements your outfit. Designer headphones can be paired with jeans and t-shirt, maxi dresses and even semi-formal attire.

5. Keep Your Shoe Game Strong

Who doesn’t love playing with shoes? Let go off those boring pair of sandals and stylize any of your boring outfit with a bold colored heels or sneakers if you like it classy yet casual. Lace up shoes is surely gonna be the best option specially when you are wearing a plain outfit.


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