Split personality, a mental disorder?


Some people might become toxic for us where as sabotaging our relationships with them. The worst part is where they don’t even know that they are the cause of disruption of any stable relationship. Have we ever wondered why don’t they realise this after all we being humans instantly know where have we gone wrong. Some of us regret it there and then therefore thinking of ways to mend it while others take their time to ease their ego. And in between comes a proportion of people who have zero comprehension of this, these are people with Split personality disorder also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder.

In Pakistan it’s considered a taboo to visit psychiatric and have regular therapy sessions. That’s why most of us are even unaware of the term let alone acknowledging that they might have this issue. It shouldn’t be regarded as a mental illness but it ought to be treated as just like any other sickness.

People suffering from this have two kinds of personalities where one might be utterly opposite to the other one. Their manners, actions, thoughts and behaviour might not be parallel as they should be but it’s fine not to take it something paranoid. As there can be reasons for this, some might get it since childhood due to any trauma while others might develop it due to complex psychological factors such as distress.

It is thereby vital to be aware of this, acknowledge the condition and get it treated right. There are multiple ways to help people with this condition for instance we need to stay calm when they switch as it happens so quickly that it’s difficult for them to comprehend that what just happened and where did they go wrong instead of us reacting and shutting them down.

Hence, we all should be prudent towards this thought and let the awareness spread without being repulsive.


Aleena Salman

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