It’s still a challenge for women in entertainment – Jennifer Lopez

It’s still a challenge for women’ in entertainment - Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez thinks it’s “still challenging” for women to have a “meaty role” in movies.

The 47-year-old singer who played the role of singer Selena in ‘Selena’, She portrayed the rise and murder of Tejano music star Selena Quintanilla-Perez in the biopic.

Talking about Selena, which completed 20 years since its release on March 21, 1997, she said,

“Selena was a meaty role, but it was few and far between, especially for Latinos to have a role like that.” 

“I think it’s still challenging for women, especially being Latina. Thinking about Selena 20 years ago and to have a role like that, I was very lucky. I was very fortunate. But it’s still a struggle for women,” she added.

Lopez went on to add there is a phase in life when people need to create opportunities for themselves and that’s why she turned producer.

“At this point, you have to create your own opportunities and I think that’s why I got so much more into producing and taking into our own hands as an artist,” she said.




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