Summer hair – Keratin Treatment by Saman Nomani

keratin treatment

Summer season brings many problems for your skin and hair and people, especially women seek all the possible help and tips to get rid of them. They visit different salons for treatments and to look fresh and beautiful they go for expensive treatments which they don’t know if suitable or not for their hair.

Saman nomani
Saman Nomani

Keratin is one of the most reasonable treatments and is good for the hair strength. We talked to Saman Nomani, hair expert and owner of Saman Salon (which is located in Clifton block 5) about this treatment and here’s what she advised to make it last longer, “Use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, stay away from chlorinated water, it’s better not to swim.”

keratin treatment

The procedure of it is simple but one can’t do it at home, first shampoo your hair to remove away all the dirt. Then according to your hair apply the product section by section, leave it for 20 minutes and blow dry the hair. Make sure you are wearing goggle and a mask as it is harmful for your eyes. 24 hours later or depending on your product whatever the recommended time is, go back to salon and have your wash.


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