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Supplements for bodybuilders: Healthy or Hoax

Bodybuilding can be dangerous if not supervised properly.

Most teenage boys and young men look at the Hercules-like physiques of action heroes and professional bodybuilders and they want to be like them.

In their greed to achieve results instantly, they go for excessive use of steroids hoping for a range of health benefits, from weight loss to muscle building which is not good. As these supplements over time lead to thickness of heart muscle which in turn can cause a fatal rhythm of the heart and sudden death.

This situation didn’t arise because there’s strong scientific evidence to show that protein supplementation is healthy or that we are better off drinking a protein shake than eating a steak or omelette, but because clever marketing, industry-funded research, and “gym talk” have led us to believe that the protein-packed powders you can now buy at every health food store greatly enhance our chances of building a lean, fit, and healthy body.

A lot of people will criticize this view and do everything they can to defend the chocolate-flavored, fast-absorbing whey protein powder they have in their kitchen cupboard. So, think twice before going for another protien supplement. Steroids may help you build strong muscles in the short run but your body will undergo an unimaginably painful change in the long run.

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