Teri Meri Love Story – Lacking Story

What is wrong with our cinema? Where is this so called revival of cinema? Where are we standing on the global map? These all questions arose after I watched this move “TERI Meri Love Story” in a local cinema, at the premiere, last night.

The who’s who of Fashion, Drama and Film fraternity were there, to support the Pakistani Cinema but everyone was so quite and shocked in the interval and more after the movie was ended.


Jawad Bashir, captain of the ship, sank it or the passengers did not know swimming at all? I must appreciate a few things about the movie.. I can not actually think of any except the presence of our already famous as a super model and actor (from dramas) Omer Shahzad, that was really hot, sexy and full of elements, but “Pappu can`t dance saala“. Ushna Shah was looking pretty and her acting and dancing skills were not that bad either. Mohib Mirza does not need any appreciation at all; he was too good for the film. Mohsin Abbas Haider`s second film and he actually made it by his character very well. Uzma Khan`s latkaas jhatkaas made it so awful, may be because of wrong camera work that she was dancing less and camera more. Ahmed Abdul Rehman, a new treat to watch.


Since everyone know, at this eve of Eid ul Azha, four Lollywood movies are going to be released and Pakistani cinema supporters have already bought the tickets, God knows how they`ll review each movie at the end.

FHM Pakistan expects from all the film makers, actors and associates to work harder and bring out something, we will literally stop watching Bollywood movies, if they will start making movies up to the mark.

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