That’s How You Say It!


All the designers are known to make their brand unique while giving them a tongue curling pronunciations like Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Versace and many more. Well it seems ordinary but I was astonished to find out the brand we all know very well and felt confident while saying it cause we thought we are saying it right, but we were mistaken again.

”Zara” admirers must know this; we were not pronouncing it the way it should be. SURPRISE!!

A current revelation by a fashion market editor of Refinery 39 (an online fashion website) who went to the Zara headquarters in Spain said that she was amazed that no one at the Zara office pronounced Zara correctly and are doing the same slip-ups as we all have been doing!


We pronounce the word Zara as ‘Za-rah’ in the normal English language. But, on the other hand, the brand Zara is actually pronounced as ‘Tsada’ or phonetically ‘Dzah-dah’. Zara was founded in Spain, so the pronunciation comes from a place called North Castilian where Zs are pronounced with a soft ‘th’ sound and Rs are directed towards Ds.

Now you know how to correctly pronounce it. You can confidently call Zara ‘Tsada’ and not ‘Za-rah’ from now on. Go forth and spread the word guys!!


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