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The dilemma of being “too nice” 

Life is strange, we often get told to be nice and it’s definitely worth noting that kindness is the best response to any situation. What happens if we choose to draw boundaries and not let people take advantage of us for being too nice is also a problem as people assume we are blatantly rude specially if we don’t give then access to control us. 

Here are some signs of knowing you’re “too nice” to people.

  • You drop any task just to ensure a loved one or friend needs you. Sacrificing what’s important to you to help them. 
  • Being nice has become a part of your identity and it’s a fear that overtakes you to be this way as you don’t want to be labelled as fake. 
  • You avoid standing up for yourself because you cross unnecessary lengths for others and try not to hurt their feelings. 
  • Even though people repeatedly showcase red flags, you tend to forgive and allow them to stay in your life. 
  • When an individual is upset with you, you compliment them and seek their approval. 
  • You are nice to avoid any harm and use it as a surviving skill. 
  • You fear being labelled selfish or toxic for having reactions that are “not nice”. 

Try to let go of the fear of being judged and constantly hurt yourself for those that treat you like a doormat. 

Until next time. 

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