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FHM: Tell us about yourself?
LZ: I started from my childhood, my father was working in radio which made me thought I could do it as well. I asked him if I can join so he asked me to give the audition first. I gave the audition and got selected and started from children radio programs then moved to dramas as a child artist in Studio no. 9, Kehkashan and etc. I participated in student’s festival as well and won first prize too. The people shifted from radio to television also approached me as a child actress then this thing stopped for a while because I was a college student and after that I got married to an army officer and you know how an army officer and his family’s lifestyle is so I couldn’t get a chance to comeback in this industry for a while. But then we were posted in Quetta where I met Mr.Kazim Pasha. He was very worried because it’s hard to find an actress in Quetta so he humbly asked me to do his play. There was a series by the name of Kirdaar and it was 50 minutes play in 1985. At that time there was only one channel PTV, the day the play was on aired was the very moment which made me famous. Although we were committed to one play but after that offers kept coming in. At first I was hesitating because my kids were young and I was teaching at school already but after a lot of support I restarted my career with my first serial, “Chaaon”.

FHM: Being a veteran artist, how do you see the change in the drama industry?
LZ: Now days, the work load is a lot. Back then there were only one or two channels at that time and out of many two people were selected for the lead roles but today everyone has a lot of opportunities and now they are well aware of this industry and are being paid well too. Things change with time obviously because the industry has become commercial and professionalism is lacking. But I must say the new actors are very talented and well educated so this industry is growing in a good way.

FHM: What inspired you to open up your own production house?
LZ: I was in Islamabad and I noticed that there’s not a single production house there since it was considered as the city that deals with current affairs of our country because it’s the Capital of Pakistan. People never thought that a drama or a film can ever be shot in Islamabad so that was the time I decided to open up my own production house there. Where people can come and showcase their talents.

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FHM: What are the recent projects under your production house?
LZ: I made a tele film as an experiment to know how exactly things are done by casting all the new people because I thought they should get a chance too. Now with the grace of Allah my dramas and sitcoms are aired on HUM TV as well. It’s been a great experience throughout but now I’m unable to do production because a lot of big names are in market and it’s hard to compete with them. And since Karachi has become a hub for media industry that people don’t prefer to come all the way to Islamabad for just one serial.

FHM: How do you keep balance between personal and professional life?
LZ: Yes, considering the fact that I’m settled in Islamabad I have to travel a lot and come to Karachi more often. Although people do say that I should settle here for good but for me my family come first and from day one I have set my priorities. Indeed I have a lot of work load at the moment as well but my work is secondary for me and my family is primary. So that’s how I’m able to balance it. I take breaks which are necessary so that I can give my family some time too. And I’d like to thank my husband for being so supportive and encouraging throughout.

FHM: How do you define your chemistry with your co-actors?
LZ: My chemistry flows well with everyone so far I have worked with and it’s probably because I can go with the flow and socialize accordingly. I mean I have friends who are older than me and I even have friends who are younger than me so I don’t restrict myself to a particular social circle. I enjoy doing my work.

FHM: What is the secret behind your beauty?
LZ: Thanks to Allah firstly but yeah I do take care of my diet because I don’t get time to workout at all. Sometimes I do yoga and try to keep myself fit through that. A crash diet is a big no for me because there are some very prominent side effects of that. I believe in healthy diet. I believe in taking fruits, vegetables and a lot of water.

FHM: Tell us about your upcoming projects?
LZ: Recently I’m working for an upcoming movie “Teri Meri Love Story”. It’s a romantic comedy by Jawed Bashir, shot in Lahore. InshAllah it will be released this year only.

FHM: Are you brand conscious?
LZ: I’m not brand conscious but I like being up to date. I like graceful dressing and that’s about it.

FHM: Any message for the new lot in the drama industry?
LZ: No matter what work it is if you’re dedicated then you will be successful in life. Be committed to your work.

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FHM: FavouriteColour?
LZ: Red

FHM: Favorite food?
LZ: Daalchawal

FHM: Favorite holiday spot?
LZ: My home

FHM: Favorite perfume?

FHM: What do you notice when you meet a new person?
LZ: Positivity

FHM: Favorite actor and actress?
LZ: Bushra Ansari and NaumanAijaz


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The only way to do great work is to love what you do, and I love writing. Its not my work, its my passion. I did my Bachelors in Media Sciences from Iqra University.

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