The explosive truth behind the Guinness record breaking scene in Spectre

Spectre the most expensive James Bond film ever

James Bond’s– Spectre has broken all records even before its release. The film has turned out to be the most expensive Bond film ever, As per reports the makers have destroyed a record Euro 24 million in cars, which amounts to a whopping Rs 221 crore. Not only cars, the makers even collided an airplane with a Land Rover, before it burst into flames later.


The record breaking explosion scene in the film has earned it a Guinness World Record. ‘James Bond 007’ shows the massive explosion, the biggest in cinematic history. As the stunt team of the film explains they used around “8,140 litres of kerosene and 24 chargers each of which has a kilogram of high explosive” for the scene. The official title holder is Academy Award® winner Chris Corbould who created the explosive scene in his role as Special Effects and Miniature Effects Supervisor on the movie.

explosion 1

Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday said: “The James Bond movies are synonymous with pushing cinematic boundaries. The latest film, Spectre, has again captured the imagination of global cinemagoers, and this will certainly be due in part to the phenomenal stunts. The scene featuring the world’s largest film stunt explosion is spectacular and will live long in the memory as one of the outstanding moments in the Bond franchise.”


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