The First Ever Hotel With No Walls & No Ceilings Has Opened In Switzerland!

Null Shtern breaks all the stereotypes about fancy hotels.

“We got rid of all the walls, so nothing can come between you and your experience” one of the founders of this original hotel said.

The hotel is located 6,463 feet above sea level right in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The room costs about $210 per night.


This hotel has no walls, no roof, no bathroom — only a queen bed and a couple of bedside tables and lamps. Not just this, a public bathroom is a five-minute walk away.


Instead, the hotel offers panoramic views of the mountains and the stars at night. But, like a regular hotel, there is also room service available.(in the form of a personal butler)


Fortunately, reservations can be canceled at the last minute due to poor weather. This hotel can totally be considered as a great gift for travelers from every corner of the world.



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