Shahzad Noor is one of the top models of Pakistan receiving a number of awards with recognition and appreciation. He won his first award in 2013 as Lux Male Model of the year. He has worked with renowned photographers of Pakistan including Khawar Riaz, who plays a vital role in his career.
Shahzad Noor believes that he is not in competition with anyone but whatever competition he gets is healthy.

After struggling for few months, he got his first break with Mr. Khawar Riaz in Lahore. Since then his glamorous journey started and later Fashion republic approached him to walk the ramp for them. This took a turning point for Shahzad Noor’s success as after this show he got immense recognition and support from everyone creating a big fan following.

Shahzad has done number of shoots with top notch designers of our industry. After Khawar Riaz he appreciates the perspective and style of Rizwan ul Haq.
FHM: Modeling or Acting?
SN: Both if i am enjoying it and learning from it.

FHM new size

FHM: Last place you visited?
SN: Bangkok

FHM: Place you wish to visit?
SN: Eastern Europe.

FHM: You inspiration in modeling?
SN: The need to push myself to the limit is what inspires me.

FHM: Any hidden talents?
SN: Well it was so well hidden that even i didn’t know i could act! Hahaha

FHM: A skill you wish to master if you had the time?
SN: Para gliding.

FHM: First thing you notice when you meet someone?
SN: Fitness

FHM: Your wardrobe staples?
SN: Jeans
FHM: Who do your consider as a style icon?
SN: Chris Hemsworth

FHM: If you were not a model you would have been?
SN: A cricketer.

FHM new size
FHM: Favorite model? (male and female)
SN: Male- david gandy
Female- Giselle

FHM: What do you usually carry when you travel?
SN: My gym gear, a pair of jeans , my cell phone and my wallet

FHM: Are you a morning person or night owl?
SN: Definitely morning person

FHM: Favorite Word?
SN: Yaar…!

FHM: Craziest fan story?
SN: This one time a girl came to me in a crowd and hugged me from the back and squealed a little! It took me by surprise… I was really embarrassed!

FHM: Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? How do you respond your fans?
SN: Which ever one seems convenient at that point.

FHM: Coffee or tea?
SN: None

FHM: If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to?
SN: I wouldn’t but if i have to i guess I’ll let my parents decide … Again!

FHM: What do you do in your spare time?
SN: I wish i had time to spare but whenever i get tome its spent with friends.

FHM: If you could have an unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be?
SN: Knowledge about fitness.

FHM: If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?
SN: A rollercoaster ride!
FHM:  Favorite combination of two colors?
SN: Black & white

FHM: Best dressed Man and Woman you know?
SN: Man- omer farooq of republic
Woman- mehreen syed

FHM: What are the five possessions you love the most?
SN: My clothes, my gym equipment, my travel kit, my cell phone and my shoes.

FHM: If you get an offer for an item number, what would be your reaction and will you say yes to the offer? (why)
SN: If its for a good cause then yes but otherwise noway!

FHM: Name Five things people don’t know about you?
SN: I’m very romantic, I’m addicted to watching seasons nowadays, i love to laugh, i love chocolates and that i collect fitness magazines!

FHM: Is there anything else we should know?
SN: At this point I’m wondering is there anything you shouldn’t know! Hahaa



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