Sadaf Kanwal Taking over the industry through her Charm.

FHM: Tell us about your journey?
SK: I started my journey 5 years ago, in 2010. It was difficult for me as i belong to a conservative family. The journey started at Saabs, where i went to get my hair done where Freiha Altaf was present to do Veet show. When Freiha inquired if i am a model, i was speechless and i replied no, but when she said i should become a model it gave me a boost to get into the field of media as i always wanted to do something in this field. When i started, i was disappointed because i was not getting what i wanted but after struggling few years 2014 became an amazing year for me as i was awarded with the Best Emerging Talent Award with alot of success and respect.

FHM: How do you see the change around you?
SK: My personality has changed, attitude of people towards me has changed, everything has changed positively and i like it.

FHM: What was the turning point in your career?
SK: In 2014, I did a shoot for Bonanza with NFK in Thailand which got me more fame and success. I was a new face for Bonanza on the billboard which was a turning point for both of us. After that i got multiple fashion and cover shoots etc. Then i did Khaadi campaign for  a year and now Alhamdullilah Gul Ahmed has signed a contract with me for a year.

FHM: What do you think of the friendships in our fashion industry? Are they beneficial or not?
SK: No! they are not and i totally believe in merit. Sometimes friendships are beneficial but one model can never be friends with another model. School friends can be good friends but professionally it is impossible.

FHM: Why are you so exclusive? You are hardly seen socializing, what is the reason behind it?
SK: I used to socialize a lot but now i am keeping it low because i have to give time to my family and friends. It is better to  stay less in the limelight rather than being over shadowed.
FHM: What is the mantra behind your beautiful skin?
I always had a fair complexion and nice skin, I used to use normal face-wash but then I went to Khiljee’s once, where he gave me some medicines and creams to apply on the face. I stopped using the creams as i was already fair. But i still use one cream which keeps me balanced including concealer.

FHM: According to our sources you have been approached for a Bollywood movie, do you have any plans of working in the film industry?
I would love work for the Pakistani film industry first rather than accepting offers from Bollywood. I would like to focus more on the acting as I have signed one drama as-well.

FHM: What is that one thing you always wished to have in your life?
Respect! The only thing i always wanted for myself as i always make sure no one gets hurt by my deeds.

FHM: What is your personal style statement?
Always be classy! Simply throw a pair of jeans with tee-shirt and shoes with a wrist watch, ring, sunglasses and a bag, and voila you are all good to go.

FHM: Any messages for the aspiring models or fans?
If i can be a model then you can be a model too. When my role models can become my colleagues then you can also turn the tables.

Rapid Fire
What locations do you love to shoot the most?
Bangkok and Dubai.

Are you a foodie? What do you love to eat the most?
Daal Chawal is my most favourite, but i am not picky so i eat whatever i get. Apart from that i love fruits of all kind.

Essentials you carry in your bag all the time?
My Coco Chanel perfume,Sun-glasses, YSL Chapstick and Cellphone.

One thing you can’t live without?
My Phone and water bottle.

Favourite Actress?
Kareena Kapoor

Favourite Actor?
Shaan Shahid

Favourite Model (Male)
Jahan e Khalid, Hasnain Lehri, Shehzad Noor

Favourite Model (Female)
Nadia Hussain, Sunita Marshall, Tooba

Do you like to read?
Yes, currently i am reading P.S. I Love You.

Are you seeing someone?
I am more focused on my career rather than being in a relationship.

Do you love pets?
No, i have a phobia.

Favourite movie genre?
Romance and Suspense.

Favourite Designer?
There are so many, but Faraz Mannan, HSY, Ali Zeeshan, Nomi Anasri.

Whose make-up do you like the most?
I like almost everyone’s makeup. I used to go to Sabs first but now i prefer Nabila’s.


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