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THE LOST COMFORT: A perspective.

All of you must have experienced this at one point, when there was or there is that one person who makes you feel alive, happy and loved but sometimes we don’t know their importance in our life until they get distant for a while. As the time passes by, you start missing them more and more, you’ll sit alone and think about the beautiful memories you made with each other for hours and you won’t even know hoe time passes when you’re thinking of them, you’ll be walking down the street and look at something that person used to like and you’ll smile.

You’ll have everything in life but your heart will be aching for that lost part which brought all the colours in your life and that’s when you know you can’t find that lost comfort anywhere else but only in that person you have these feelings for. Sometimes distance is the key which tells you the actual role that person plays in your life. You would happily trade everything you’ve got just to have the person in your life because nothing makes you feel so complete.

You won’t need any reassurance when you are with that person, their touch, their smile, their face will be so different to you than the whole world. You’ll see all the beauty and positivity in that person and you’ll be selfless for them, the comfort in their arms will make you forget all the worries and problems of the world and you’ll just want to stay there forever. 

So once you find that person who feels more like a puzzle 🧩 or a missing piece of your heart, never let that person go because that’s the lost comfort to your heart ❤️ 

Until next time.

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