The Mani and Pedi Habits ruining your nails

The Mani and Pedi Habits ruining your nails:

Getting a manicure to keep those babies tip-top in shape is no harm but sometimes the tiniest mistake can harm your nails in the long run Keep reading below to find out how:

You cut your cuticles and Ingrown nails:

Beware to only push the cuticles back as they are meant to protect the nail bed from infections, if you trim or cut them too much it might lead to severe infections. As for the in grown nails a podiatrist should be consulted, trimming ingrown will only make them worse.

Shaving off your callus:

Callus is the hardened part of skin usually discolored caused by friction. Most of us plead guilty of shaving them off with a razor causing them to bleed and further become infected; rather you should soak your feet in warm water and then scrub the dead skin away with a foot scrub and foot file then moisturize.

Forgetting that you have nail polish on:

What most girls don’t know is that keeping nail polish on too long leads to brittle nails and white spots on the nail bed, so give at least two weeks’ time to let your nails breathe and then go for the next Mani.


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