I am sure you all know who Asim Azhar is, the young rising star, who is not only a singer but also a songwriter and actor. His career started in the same way as any other star, but over the past few years, he got so much fame and recognition due to his outstanding songs, Ghalat Fehmi, Humraah, Jo Tu Na Mila and so many others!!


It was seen in some of his latest tweets that he is a very humble and down to earth kind of guy and is very promising and helpful towards his fans, he treats them like family!

Here Asim is motivating his fans as well as all the young talented youth out there who are coming forward with their beautiful voices, he also mentions that he started off his career back on 2012 in the same way and is looking forward to seeing many success stories in the future, making Pakistan proud!!



In another tweet, Asim Azhar won hearts on social media after he helped out a fan who was collecting donations for his grandmother’s cancer treatment. The fan was overwhelmed by this gesture and paid regards to Asim through Twitter!



He is one of my favorite singers, not only his songs but his personality and his behavior towards his fans make him a rising star in the industry!



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