The silver linings of Covid 19


Usman Ghani

The world literally came to a halt when Covid-19 struck the world like a lightning bolt. The world as we see was a well-oiled machine comprising of humans and resources as individual components driving this machine and slowly covid-19 managed to stop it. Affecting business, lives and most importantly mental health. Well, the damage has been done! Almost 2 years have passed now. We now are in the postrecovery Era.

The impact on this Global pandemic has not only affected in monetary terms but mentally as well. Covid-19 forced millions of people to stay at home in selfisolation that has unwilling asked us to face challenges that were stressful and overwhelming. Having said that humans have always been able to survive, we have done that before, for example, the Spanish flu. Even though we have all lost someone close that we never wished to lose. The loss of loved ones is unrecoverable but here’s the silver lining, we have gained too. I will tell you what we have gained and by the time you are done reading this I am sure you will agree.


Firstly, we were able to introspect ourselves, something that we have all been waiting for to happen miraculously, we were able to evaluate and analyse our lives, the skills that we have, our thoughts, what makes us restless at night. Even though some of us were able to self-analyse ourselves but never really had the time to work on it. The problems that generated in our minds due to many reasons were lost somewhere at the back of our heads. But this global pandemic brought those thoughts back, right in front of us and asked us to deal with them. Most of us managed to do that, we dealt with our fears, we faced them we simply fought back everything that brought us down.

Have you noticed the gradual spike in online shopping? Years ago, we did even know the “digital game” and now many small-scale business owners are available online and have performed really well for themselves. Many of the online start-ups you see are mostly owned by students, imagine someone achieving something that usually takes years in few months. Similarly, many businesses have been able to adapt and evolve according and have the ability to create a vast sea of opportunities for the future generation.

Moreover, talking about teenagers, given the generation gap we have with our elders most of us were really not connected to our families. We were living in the same roof yet living separately. The lockdown initially forced us to make more time for family and eventually we all did understand and connected.

Lastly something this Pandemic really brought back was, Humanity. Unfortunately, we all were so consumed with our bubble world we created for ourselves. We forgot to look beyond ourselves and only functioned to fulfil our individual needs, everything else in the world did not matter to us. But guess what? Covid 19 was able to recalibrate our minds and brought the most integral part of being human and that is humanity.


However, even though world is coming back to its normal pace. However, some of us will take time to recover, some of us have lost so much that it will take time to bounce back and eventually they will for sure, there is no doubt!

Until then be kind, be human




FHM Pakistan

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