The star-studded night of LSA 2017 ends with a new trend to watch out for!

lux style awards 2017

Lux Style Awards 2017 happened last night at Karachi expo center with all the glitz and glam that we expect from such a star studded ceremony. From red carpet to the closing, everything was way beyond our expectations and testament of a night full of joy, laughter and a lot of celebrities.

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Afternoon Tea:

For the very first time, a session for gathering at tea time was organized, which means a red-carpet before a red-carpet. It was a great interactive session with all the nominees and officials of the event with lots of scrumptious food.

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A very different and unique red carpet was organized; it was divided in two parts – Gold and Silver. The silver side had two lounges; Magnum & Lipton; with all those people who just came to ‘attend’ the show. So, it was good to divide the people already to make the red-carpet less chaotic, as it is always a hustle to ignore all those selfie lovers, who sometimes become a pain for the officials who are there to cover the event properly.

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We witnessed a beautiful booth of “Fashion Squad” – the team included Maheen Kardar Ali, Sadaf Zarar, Momina Sibtain and Zaheer Abbas, who keenly analyzed all the beautiful looking people to later give their verdict about the “best dressed celebrity, male and female.” And the judgment went in the favor of supermodel Anam Malik and Rehan Bashir.

Lux style awards 2017


Finally, the celebrities started to arrive almost on time. We must congratulate team Unilever and show director HSY for starting the red-carpet on time, of course a little bit of delay is justified because some of the main celebrities and media itself showed up at 6 pm. Despite of the delay, the energy we saw on the red-carpet was flawless. The celebrities cooperated a lot, as we all love boomerang and for a perfect shot, one needs a lot of retakes. Mawra, Aamina Sheikh and Meera Jee were the best ones on the red carpet.

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Main Event:

What we saw at the podium was absolutely rare; two stages were set, though we would have loved it if the second stage was utilized even more. The event started with Atif’s phenomenal version of National Anthem which grooved the audience and was a perfect warm up, followed by some set of awards for the music category. The main performances included Ali Zafar & Maya Ali, Reema & Mawra Hocane, & Mahira’s exceptional rap with Osman Khalid Butt.

Lux style awards 2017

Let’s talk about the uniqueness of the event; Atif emerged as an amazing host and Imran Abbas sang so beautifully by giving the tribute to the legends which gave goose bumps to the audience. A special fashion segment was also introduced where industry’s A-list designers showcased their best pieces and last but not the least HSY being the captain of the ship managed everything so professionally that one can only expect it from him.

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Lux style awards 2017 Lux style awards 2017

Two new lux girls were introduced; Mawra Hocane and Maya Ali along with Mahira Khan. Each segment and performance was beautifully choreographed and obviously when you are running such a big event some technical faults are expected to happen which is not a big deal as the event was not live and can be edit or reshot later for the audience to enjoy the glitzy night on their television screens. All in all, Lux Style Awards 2017 were way bigger than our expectations, setting a new trend for all the other award shows out there. Being different than the rest, Lux has set a mark for the up and coming awards to do a lot better to stand out amongst the crowd.


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