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The taboo of therapy.

Why is therapy important?

In life, we may be dealing with hectic routines and chaotic situations which eventually lead to a burn out. Therapy was considered a taboo however, over the years notable awareness has been created in terms of seeing a therapist. 

I personally was quite intimidated by therapy but it really helped me pull myself out of a dark place and enables you to embrace things, find solutions and move on towards better things and inner peace. 

Here is why you should consider therapy:

  1. If you’re dealing with grief, it can be a great way to channel your emotions. 
  2. To discuss things you can’t otherwise with friends and family. 
  3. Require assistance when it comes to making life changes. 
  4. Trouble coping with chronic illness or mental health issues. 
  5. To work on your relationships with partners or loved ones. 
  6. To learn about yourself and improve your quality of life. 
  7. If you are experiencing low self-esteem, negative intrusive thoughts or loneliness. 

“One should go to therapy not because of themselves but because of all the people in their lives who refuse to go for therapy”

I read this quote somewhere and it changed my perspective. Therapy is about creating boundaries, attaining peace and self realisations. If you wish to see change in the world; be the change! 

Until next time. 

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