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VIDEO: Thirsty snake drinking water by a villager causes frenzy on social media

Indian district Uttar Kannada’s village Kaiga is going through an extreme drought, which has made it difficult for both humans and animals alike to find safe and pure drinking water. Due to the extensive heat and shortage of water, even snake couldn’t resist getting out of its pothole and visiting the village for a bottle of water!

Even though the video clearly predicts an extremely huge snake and no doubt it is dangerous too; but the soft-hearted villager couldn’t see the animal thirsty. The locals decided that the dangerous reptile had decided to grace the village due to the shortage of water and they experimented with the bottle to check if it was true or not. And it turned out that the animal started gulping water within no time.

You would have watched the snake drinking water in peace. You know the best part about this incident? Though the villager held the snake with a stick, it still doesn’t budge to attack the person who was helping him with the drink. It seems that such vicious animals can sense kindness too!

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