This girl’s worst nightmare became a reality on the night of her 21st birthday

This girl's worst nightmare became a reality on the night of her 21st birthday

Living in aΒ third world country, women are dealt to be a victim of horrendous crimes and bizarre norms of the society. Acid throwing, honor killing, marriage to the Quran, Karo Kari, Watta Satta, child marriage etc, are only a few to name of the gruesome social crimes.

In contrast to the Western civilization, depicting liberal societies, and progressive norms that equal to men and women alike, it is hard to even think of such victimization.

However, in a recent incident in London reported on Twitter by an Asian girl named Resh, is something unexpected, gruesome and enough evidence to have us realize that the world is much alike. It is to show us that the so-called Western liberal society has visible signs of intolerance, brutality, and racial tensions simmering under the facade of modernity and progressiveness.

This is how Resh defines her worst nightmare, playing out in reality on the night of her 21st Birthday:

Is this the liberality and peaceful society that the West seem to portray while highlighting the third world countries and their lifestyle? This, in fact, is the actual heartbreaking story of a liberal society which we all try to emulate?

Is this the police and law that we want and praise day and night, hoping to incorporate our skills into theirs? Where is the public support from the society or the community for this girl, to condemn such a ruthless incident?

We need answers. And that too, very fast!


Isra Shams

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