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Three benefits of Olive Oil

We all aware of the fact that Olive Oil is a special kitchen ingredient that every chef recommends nowadays.

Did you know that olive oil was popularly called ‘liquid gold’ in the ancient world? Well, if you are a culinary expert or health conscious you must know Olive Oil.

Let me indulge you in the wonderful mystery and benefits of Olive Oil, today!

Skin Benefits:

Olive Oil is an excellent supplement for the skin and works a natural moisturizer. It can be utilized in the form of mask and scrubs which can make your skin soft and subtle. It’s extremely beneficial in winters as it makes your skin and hair healthy and glowy.

It is considered as the best natural remedy for the skin and dark spots. Olive Oil fights with acne and dark spots which can be very budget friendly as well.

Fights Against Diseases:

Olive Oil can prevent your body from many diseases such as heart attacks, breast cancers, depression and etc. Including olive oil in your diet can also keep your blood sugar under control. Trust the many studies that prove this little fact.

It was found that olive oil might contribute to strong bones too. Also, you can lower the levels of bad cholesterol in your body by using olive oil. What not this Oil can’t do?

Weight Is In Control:

Oh well, we are all wishing to eat more and reduce less. Here is the chance to keep your body away from all the fat and cholesterol and eat whatever you want. Olive Oil helps lower the levels of bad cholesterol in your body by using olive oil.

Oh no, I’m not stating this fact without scientific proof.

Research conducted at the University of Minnesota has shown that while Greek, Cretan, and other Mediterranean population ate almost as much dietary fat as Americans, they had significantly lower rates of risky diseases.


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