It’s time that women turn their wheel of fortune

It's time that women turn their wheel of fortune

Women and their wheel of fortune is a topic that hits the society every single time. Honour killings, trafficking, harassment, bridal burning for dowry, rape, are some common stinging & mordant terms, we all get touched every once a while. Despite the rising graph of technology & education, the rates of these despicable events continue to creep up day in & day out.

We still lack behind the approach and definition of ‘Gender Equality,’ a term that situates all evils aside with respect for women to that equal to men. Talking about Asian countries i.e India: Statistically, the dominance of women is not altering their wheel of fortune. Whereas in Pakistan, Islam being the predominant religion with auspicious rules for women, there still lies that sinking dominance in the violent tumultuous social storm.

The sufferings of women is increasing across the globe and not only in Pakistan; as damaging of women rights is boosting up abruptly between clashing mindsets and incompatible thoughts. Being burned, becoming a victim to honour killings in so-called “Legal Jirgas” and then there lay those racking which upscale the victories to conquer the world.

Government Bodies and departments are undoubtedly working day and night for women rights, however ignoring the other side of the picture, as regional political leadership is seen to be indulged up to root level in various cases especially in rural areas.

Changing the perception toward issues is supreme exigency to abate the social & psychological victimization.

Why a rape victim has to go into the shell, mind pounding with “socially isolated” thoughts & fear of being mocked by society? Why is the family of honour killed sidelined, burning in hell of some sick minded people” for none?

For me, it’s us and society’s sick perceptions towards critical issues and government machinery’s failure to change perceptions & innovate perspectives. It can be fixed by education & law enforcement, again especially in remote areas. We promptly have to stop “Social & Psychological Victimization” of the victims to help them rise again, walk proudly, live peacefully and to prevent further cracks in harmony bridge among mindsets! And I am sure many Arfa Kareems’, Samina Baigs will find theirselves.



Isra Shams

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