Traveler’s Vault – Nomi Ansari

FHM: Do you prefer to travel alone or with friends?

NA: I generally prefer travelling with friends.


FHM: Which bag do you prefer to anchor all the weight?

NA: I like the Delsey hard tops. They keep everything secure.


FHM: Any specific way you fold your clothes?

NA: I am very particular about packing, my clothes are always wrinkle free when I unpack them.


FHM: Your favourite travel movie?

NA: Midnight in Paris

FHM: Favorite place you visited?

NA: Rome is my favourite destination


FHM: Place you wish to visit?

NA: I really want to visit Tokyo, Japan.


FHM: Last place you visited?

NA: London


FHM: Favourite airport in the world?

NA: The Frankfurt Airport

FHM: Favorite airline?

NA: Swiss Air


FHM: What do you usually carry when you travel?

NA: I have to take my phone charger,

IPad, Migraine pills, water and gum.


FHM: Bag must haves?

NA: Credit cards, flip flops, white shirt, black jacket, jeans and swimming trunks.


FHM: Any crazy Travel experience/memory?

NA: Every travel experience has a crazy memory.


FHM: What do you normally wear when you travel?

NA: I’m normally in tracks or shorts and a T shirt.


FHM: Name your top three destinations?

NA: Rome, London and Zurich


FHM: What destination do you find yourself returning to again and again? What about it is so alluring?

NA: London! Because of the amazing food and culture, people and of course the shopping.


FHM: Your favourite travel quote?

NA: Don’t listen to what they say. Go see!


FHM: Your best piece of travel advice?

NA: Travel light.


FHM: Where to next?



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