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QB just called Imran Khan an a**hole and people can’t stop talking about it!

Pakistani politics has always been doing rounds no matter what the issue is. And topping off every cherry in the basket comes out PTI, by holding the top most position. Let us help you ring some bells when claiming of PTI being so; remember Ayesha Gulalai? Obviously, I mean who doesn’t? The harassment case came out in the limelight so much so that it was not only in the news but across all social media sites in manners uncountable. But, one thing’s for sure, Imran Khan surely has a following that never left his side even then. Nonetheless, the fiasco of Ayesha and Imran kept everyone glued to their television screens just waiting for what’s new on the hot topic, and surely every new statement made a headline, sparking a new debate.

And just when Imran Khan thought it was all finally calm and over, out came our singing diva Quratulain Balouch, and called him an ‘Asshole’. Yes, you heard that right! The singer tweeted a video by Al-Jazeera where Ayesha Gulali claimed PTI’s social media team of provoking people into violence and convincing them into throwing acid on her and even murder her.

Well, one thing’s for sure, we surely didn’t expect this from QB! The hatred and that too so harsh and sudden, coming out to be so judgmental over an act that does not have any proof or reality attached to it as yet is simply hard to digest. However, Ayesha Gulalai appreciated Al-Jazeera for shedding a light on this serious issue at hand and tweeted away:

When it came for QB to prove her words right, she claimed that women in Pakistan go through the struggles everyday. There is no doubt in that as compared to men, but the statement clearly does not justify her word and act in the eyes of many!

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