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7 signs you’re rich even if it may not seem so!

1. You can live comfortably below your means

A major characteristic of being responsible is being able to live on a budget and spend less than you earn. This involves developing a comfortable lifestyle with minimum expenditure. It is a popular trait among many well-known billionaires such as Anthony Hsieh. Living below your means does not mean restricting yourself from basic amenities but just implementing discipline throughout your daily habits.


2. You know how to save money

Spending money is easy; however, the real winner is the person who knows how to save for a rainy day.

As observed in the famous novelist Robert Kiyoski and his statement in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, he says “Most people fail to realize that in life, it’s not how much money you make. It’s how much money you keep”.

To often we see people who win the lottery, live it up for a few days but sooner or later they end up in a financial mess due to the lack of money management skills which are extremely essential.


3. You can afford a planned retirement 

Retiring is an expensive choice. Many people continue to work up until the age of 65 to be able to support their financial needs. However, if you have been sensible and downsized your living costs or relocated to an area that is slightly less expensive, it may be a possibility for you to spend your retirement in ease.


If you have the choice to be able to accommodate retirement, trust me, it is a luxury indeed!


4. Money is not your only motivation

Not sure how many of us have noticed, but anyone who is a self-made millionaire has never focused on the mere concept of acquiring wealth. There attention has always been towards following a dream, striving for their passion and being keen towards solving an issue.

This does not mean a decent cheque does not appeal to you or you don’t feel content after seeing your investments grow. It just states that money is not your ultimate goal but a bonus that comes along with the purpose you are aiming to fulfill.

If you have the privilege of being able to focus on something other than money, you’re good to go!


5. Eventually, you can finance your wants

Planning you expenditures plays a key role in managing your funds. Buying an expensive car immediately may present the idea that you’re rich, however planning your purchases and buying the same car 5 years from now still means that you’re rich!

Smarter move and definitely more feasible.


 6. For you, money is an alliance

Money should not scare you, in fact if you can view it as an ally rather than an enemy, it is a tool that can help you gain what you need in life and push you ahead in the game.



7. You are not fixated

Once you master the art of controlling your finances, you will never be stuck in life. Be it a job, a role or a relationship, your approach towards financial independence will be the gateway to that opens new doors for you.

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