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This girl beats a rickshaw driver after being harassed by him!

Its quite disturbing how easy it is for men to harass women publicly in Pakistan especially those masturbating on the streets. Women usually get scared after they face such a situation thinking that it may get worst due to which men tend to get away with whatever they do.

This girl Shahtaj from Karachi University sets an example for all the girls who see men masturbating publicly. Shahtaj Qadir stopped a rickshaw to get home, it was around 12 am when she realized that the driver slowed the rickshaw down. He was staring at Shahtaj from his rearview mirror and that’s when Shahtaj saw him moved his hand off the rickshaw handle and into his shalwar.

She calmed her mother and told her to stay quiet, they made the driver stop near Nipa and immediately got out of the rickshaw. Shahtaj, unable to control her disgust, asked the driver how he could possibly to that. Of course, he denied the accusation saying, Baji, kia hoa? Meine tou kuch nahi kia.” Shahtaj was disgusted by his lies due to which she held the driver’s collar and started hitting him on his face and chest. When she tried to get back in the auto to beat him up more, he pushed her away and drove off into the night.

She also tried to record while the driver was masturbating.


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