UMRO AYYAR – Brought The Joyful Past To Present.

When my grandmother used to tell me folklore and  stories, I always had an imagination running through my head about all the characters and situation in them. In this era when these stories are performed live, it gives a cheerful nostalgia to how we used to perceive things.

The desire to see the fictional characters live took me to the amazing play of Umro Ayyar. From the beginning till the end it captivated my attention and gave me a perfect laughter and happiness therapy. According to me the show was a success and four days were just not enough for it. Actors were well prepared and performed really well, the stories had fun and humour making it more interesting for the children and parents who attended the play. The most interesting characters of King and the Satan were appreciated a lot along with the character of Umro Ayyar.

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Gifts were distributed amongst most of the children to keep them engaged and entertained, but gifts were in the luck of a few only. Involvement of the sponsors could be seen 100% as they were busy keeping all the guest children in a cheerful mood.

10/10 for portraying the characters well and making that one hour from the busy schedule of life worth it. I really appreciate the efforts behind putting up such a spell-binding show. I hope there will be more shows of Umro Ayyar in the near future as well as other stories.


FHM Pakistan

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