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10 things about Momina Mustehsan

10 things about Momina Mustehsan

  1. I have double majored in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics.
  1. Cameras make me extremely awkward.
  1. Attention gives me anxiety. When Afreen blew up on the internet, I got very stressed out and couldn’t sleep for nights.
  1. I have set up an initiative to help provide quality education to kids in rural areas through instructional videos.
  1. I have built several medical devices and have applied for a patent for one of them.
  1. I donated the whole amount I received from Coke Studio to a charity trust, Aamir Khan Foundation.
  1. I don’t know anything about fashion. At all!
  1. I don’t know how to react to compliments. I get extremely awkward.
  1. I love traveling and exploring the world.
  1. I workout and lift at the gym so that I can keep eating the huge amounts of food that I eat on a daily.


10 things about Momina Mustehsan

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