Fahad Mustafa had an Exclusive Interview with FHM Pakistan

Fahad Mustafa had an Exclusive Interview with FHM Pakistan

FHM: How was your experience of working in this movie?
The experience was actually amazing, though, very tiring. It requires a lot of hard work and efforts to make a good movie. I believe if a project is given to you, you should give your 100 per cent to it. I personally think that I am not capable of doing two to three projects at a same time. I don’t think it’s wrong, but it becomes very difficult to manage, so I kind of work at one or two projects at a particular time. For six months, I was sleeping with actor in law, waking up with actor in law; everything was related to actor in law, but it paid off pretty well in the end. I am glad that we have been creating a buzz and people have started appreciating our work.


FHM: What made you say yes to this film?
I think the project said ‘yes’ to me. I believe we are not in that position to pick and choose things; we hardly make any films in Pakistan. I have been offered many projects but I don’t want to do films just for the sake of people talking about it. I wanted to do something that would develop my interest. When Nabeel narrated me the script, in first 15 to 16 minutes I was like okay this is something I can see myself into. I could visually see the entire project because I and Nabeel have this kind of wave length. We somewhat think alike, we have same mentality so I believe that we connect to each other easily. I won’t say other filmmakers are bad or I don’t understand their project, it’s just that I feel comfortable working with Nabeel. A lot of my input is there and he honors my ideas so I believe it’s the team work collectively that actually makes or breaks the project somehow. I believe we made a good team.


FHM: What is the most beautiful thing about your character?
I think the most beautiful thing about this character is that it’s very real. I am not trying to be a hero, I get to play different role every time; that’s why I became actor in the first place. This was a very difficult character in its own way, because it has lots of lighter as well as emotional moments too. As an actor I think it has everything to offer to you, I had fun doing it.  It was a very difficult character and I am one of those actors who are always concerned for the most complex characters. I never go for ordinary characters. Mahe Meer, Na MaloomAfraad and many other serials that I have done, good or bad, are always different. The film is about me; if you would take me out of the film there is nothing left. So, if the movie was a flop it would have been because of me only. It is hit, now, so I believe that it is due to my contribution.

Fahad Mustafa had an Exclusive Interview with FHM Pakistan


FHM: How do you find Nabeel as a director?
I think he is basically an assistant, I have always told him that. The day he will become a director, he will completely lose it. Because, he is used to assisting, he still has that eagerness and that spark within him to prove something to the people. He doesn’t even have his own assistant. That’s the beauty of NabeelQureshi, that’s the thing I admire about him the most. I think Nabeel is one of those directors who have an eye for each and everything; from clothes to body language he tries to get everything right. He makes a mental picture of all the script; this is what makes him best. He is an exceptional director.


FHM: How is your relation with the co-stars and the crew of Actor in law?
I am a very chill person and I never had a fight with anyone. I, somewhat, try to manage with everyone. At first you really don’t become friends, but in this particular project, I must say there was not a single person who had thrown a tantrum. You may call me star but trust me I really don’t know how to act as a star. I live a normal life and try to enjoy the moments; so were Mehwish and Mr. Om Puri. It was amazing to work with him as he is such a legend. The best thing about him is that he never made us realize that how big of an actor he is and I believe that’s the quality of a great star. So the experience was amazing and every single cast and crew had done an amazing job. They all were amazing people, they loved me and I really enjoyed working with them.


FHM: Any funny incident during the shoot?
There were lots of funny moments because shooting a film in Karachi is not an easy job and people really know me a lot in Pakistan, so it was very difficult for me to move around. There were strangers who were protecting me, I felt like a prime minster at that time because there were such protocols, there used to be police mobiles and everything; I felt so protected. It was larger than life experience for me. I really enjoyed it, but, then we were on the roads so it was hard; as people are not used to grand shoots. They don’t take it seriously, they kind of start doing fun. They don’t know its importance but since I am a people’s man and I know how to communicate and mingle with them, I managed somehow. But yes, every single day was fun. We used to laugh but no one got carried away, everyone knew the importance of the script, character and the story and I believe our hard work paid off.


FHM: Name few best things you love about this movie?
I am not a good dancer but i tried. Mehwish is an excellent dancer, by the way, but she didn’t have any dancing number and I had one. So, I was very nervous and confused that how I am going to do it, but managed it pretty well. Only my wife knew that I was nervous about dancing in the movie, but I didn’t let anyone else see my fear. Doing an item number and dancing in front of six hundred other boys, I think it’s one of the unique experiences. I believe if you put effort into anything then you can easily achieve it.  TalatHussain was there when I was rehearsing for the song. I went to him to get his feedback, because he is very particular about things. However, he happily said ‘you surprised me’.


Rapid Fire

Favorite Perfume?
I apply two three perfumes at a time so there is no such in particular

Favorite Co-stars?

Favorite project till date?
Actor in Law and Mahe Meer

If you weren’t an actor, you would have been?
I don’t know, I would have done anything you never know.

How do you take care of your fitness?
Gym/ Workout

Are you conscious about brands?

If you were given a chance to work with any celebrity who would you choose?
No, not in particular

Any hint about your next project?
I have plans of producing my own movie.



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