Team FHM Pakistan had an Exclusive Interview with Mehwish Hayat

Team FHM Pakistan had an Exclusive Interview with Mehwish Hayat

Team FHM Pakistan had an Exclusive Interview with Mehwish Hayat

FHM: How was the experience of working in actor-in-law?
Well, the experience was incredible. I think this project came to me at the right time and the character was the kind of character I was looking for. I think I am blessed, the way the people reacted, the way it’s going house full. People are writing about the movie and loving it. I believe that is a great achievement and it makes me immensely happy.

FHM: What made you say yes to the film?
Well, the film itself. The story, the characters, the team; I have worked with them before and I know what they are capable of. I had no reason to say ‘No’ to them, actually. Not a single reason.

FHM: What was special in the script or what was the thing that made you think that I want to do this movie?
Portraying a Parsi girl in the movie! Nobody has done this lately; it was a challenge in itself. Playing a character from minority community on which people do not talk about often, unfortunately. The most important part about the role was that it was based on women empowerment. My role promoted the strength of women, which are always made an object of beauty. The role has the power, it has the volume, and it has the voice which fascinated me to do this character. Both the aspects of the role were unique.

FHM: How did you find NabeelQureshi as a director?
NadeemBayg and NabeelQureshi are my favorite directors. He is a great director, a great human being and a great friend. So, I was delighted to work with him. I learnt a lot from him. I like the fact that he experiments. In Na Maloom Afraid I was playing an item girl and in this film I am portraying a Parsi Girl, he experiments every time. Nabeel comes up with great ideas and it is always a treat to work with him.

FHM: How is your relation with the co-stars and crew of the film?
Very friendly! There was a lot of fun on the sets and I don’t remember any mishap or any kind of negativity. We all were very positive, happy and friendly. Having a positive set of cast is strength; and we all synced very well. I think it was great.

FHM: Any funny incident that happened during the shoot?
It’s when I fell during the song, ‘Dil Ye Dancer Hogaya’. I was running towards Fahad Mustafa and I was wearing such a long Cinderella outfit; that I suddenly fell. However, Fahad was there and he caught me. He is a true hero in the real life too!

FHM: Name few best things that you loved about this movie?
Everything! I can’t pick one or two thing. It might sound being biased, but everything in the movie was perfect. The performances, direction, romance, dance, drama, comedy, effects, and all the other things are spot-on.

FHM: Before signing this movie, did you know that Om Puri would be a part of this film?
Yes, when Fizza and Nabeel offered me the role they told me that there’s going to be a surprise. By the end of the script, Fizza mentioned that this character will be played by Om Puri. I was completely stunned and elated. I think it was one of my life’s best experiences. I am such a big fan of him; and to meet him and work with him cannot be described into words. He was there with us throughout, even in promotions, and it felt like a fantasy.

FHM: How do you manage your personal and professional life?
For me it is very important to be happy from within. So, my family and my work; both are my passion. I try to balance them both; when I am working, I am working like a mad cow. And, when I am home, I am a complete couch potato. I sit with family, watch TV shows and eat my heart out. I try to make sure that after I am done with my films and dramas, I make up with my family for the time lost.

FHM: Any advice to our readers or cinema-goers?
I am proud that Pakistanis are making films and they are really good. Pakistani cinema, after a very long time, is slowly reviving and that’s something which we all should be proud of. We should support it and appreciate our stars. Our audience supports dramas, but films are completely another level. They should go and watch movies. If you love me, keep watching me like the way you always have.


Rapid Fire

Favorite Co-stars?
MH: HumayunSaeed and Fahad Mustafa

Favorite project till date?
MH: Dillagi and Actor in Law

If you weren’t an actress, you would have been?
MH: A sportswoman

What scares you the most?
MH: Nothing scares me except the ‘fear’ itself.

Your beauty regime and how do you take care of your fitness?
I try to maintain my sleep routine as much as possible and keep myself hydrated. I cleanse my skin properly after I am done with makeup and try to eat healthy.

Are you conscious about brands?
Not really.

Fahad Mustafa or HumayunSaeed?

If you were given a chance to work with any celebrity, who would you choose?
Salman Khan

Any hint about your next project?
Even I don’t know. Nothing that I can actually share right now. People will know about the next project in due time, it’s too early to talk about it now.

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