Learn the art of makeup with Saman Nomani

Learn the act of makeup with Saman Nomani

FHM: How would you describe Saman Nomani?
SN: I would call myself hardworking, focused, passionate, sensitive and love what I do.

FHM: Did you ever want to be a beautician and hairstylist or did it just happen coincidentally?
SN: Ever since I was young, I always wanted to do everyone’s hair and makeup. I used to colour my cousins’ hair, and apply makeup on my mother and sister. I always have been interested in doing it all.

FHM: How did you conceive the idea or concept about the business?
SN: I started my career in 1997, working for Ravisantat Avari Towers. I started working and loved the fact that I had no responsibility, but eventually I realized that I wanted to do it my own way. I wanted a place that clients could visit and apart from their hair, they could also get their nails done to everything else, all under one roof without being so crazily expensive. My business concept curved a place where one could keep coming, so in 2012 I launched my own salon by the name of ‘Saman Salon’ and I am happy to see its road as it’s growing exactly the way I had thought it would.

FHM: Have you faced any difficulty during this whole tenure?
SN: The only difficulty I faced was not in the work but in other things that come along with it.Apart from that if you are involved in the business yourself, like I am, then I don’t think one can face any major problem.

FHM: How do you deal with your clients?
SN: I am somebody that listens to people a lot rather than talk more, and I believe that this has made my clients very comfortable with me. People come and immediately feel at ease, maybe it’s a feeling I give to my clients. I know how to read a client and make them comfortable, so I try my best that whenever a client comes in, I make them feel welcomed and special.

FHM: What is the most enjoyable part of your work?
SN: The most enjoyable part of my work is that it’s different every day. I may have only one haircut and makeup appointment, a colour appointment or a bride coming in the evening, but you know every day is different. Work is so different every day; meeting and talking to different people, this is what I like the most about your work.

FHM: What’s your specialty? And do you keep up with latest trends and make your clients comfortable?
SN: My specialty is hair and makeup. I always tend to keep the clients desire my main priority. I keep myself up to date by going for courses of both hair and makeup. I keep reading magazines and seeing different things that are going on in the fashion world,as that is the need of my work and the clients coming in every day.

FHM: What is the biggest challenge in your career?
SN: I don’t let myself get into a competition; I am where I am. If I become better and grow more than that would be just because of God’s blessing. My challenge is my own personal life; to manage work and home, so whatever I do I give my 100%. If I am at work I want to give my 100%, but at the same time I don’t want my home to suffer, so the challenge I think is to maintain a balance in life.

FHM: What makeup products do you use for your clients?
SN: I don’t restrict myself to one makeup product for myself personally as well and for my clients as well. I have always used a range of products. I use Mac, Bobby Brown, Estee lauder, colour pop Morphe. I use anything really that I like it doesn’t have to be the most expensive brand. Whatever I have worked with and like and whatever I have experimented and again whatever is current trend so I just mix products even for me.

FHM: What other services you do offer?
SN: I basically have a salon which offers a full range of body services, makeup and hair services like extenso,keratin, haircuts, highlights, ombre and balayge and more. We provide hair treatments, olaplex, and we also have manicures and pedicures of different ranges along facials, makeup, body massage, and waxing. Hence, we provide everything under one roof.

FHM: What makes your salon different from others?
SN: I firstly try to manage my salon in such a way that I have control over every detail and service provided. I work for my clients and ensure to provide them with quality service. Secondly, I purely base my client services on appointments so that every client is pampered solely. Furthermore, the prices we cater to are reasonable and are affordable, which keeps clients coming back for more. We have a very clean environment, keeping good care of cleanliness and hygiene, which I personally monitor. So, these are some basics needs and necessities that I believe makes Saman Salon stand out amongst others.

FHM: Do you provide discount offers to your clients?
SN: Yes we do provide discount offers. We have a few packages which are offered every month on treatments like blow dry’s, manicure & pedicures and massages, but not for services that I do myself.

FHM: What strategies do you have for your promotions?
SN: I don’t have to come up with any promotional material as my clients find out about every deal through word of mouth; and so my promotions rely completely on word of mouth that is achieved by pleasing clients.However, Ihave realized that promoting my salon on media is also as important so,this year, my strategy will be to promote my salon and spread the word out loud.

FHM: Any message for the young aspiring hairstylist and beauticians?
SN: Yes, I would say it’s a great field to be in; one has to be dedicated, focused and visionary as I feel people today are not very focused, and until you are serious,you will never be able to achieve your goals.

Rapid Fire:

FHM: Describe yourself in three words?
SN: Hardworking, strong and positive.

FHM: Favourite cosmetic brand?
SN: Huda Beauty.

FHM: Favourite Perfume?
SN: Bulgari.

FHM: Three things you like about your salon?
SN: Its clean,comfortable and cheerful.

FHM: Three things that is most in your handbag?
SN: Phone, money and chewing gum.

Learn the act of makeup with Saman Nomani


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