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FHM: Share your success story with us? Any memorable story from your past?
AH: There are too many moments to mention. The most memorable part of my life has been getting to meet Hadiqa Kiani, Irfan Kiani and Ali Zafar.

FHM: You were training to be a Chartered Accountant, what intrigued you to choose Photography as your profession?
AH: I had no clue what to do in life back then. However, the eureka moment I had, was during a class of statistics and as soon as I knew what I wanted to do in life, I got up and left the classroom. There has been no turning back since.

FHM: You have gained success in a short span of time, what sort of challenges did you face when you joined this industry?
AH: Life is never a bed of roses, I have had my fair share of the bitter sweet realities in life. Initially I had no money, no place to stay, no stable work flow. Whatever has happened, has been only a miracle of God and I owe all my success to my god fathers; HadiqaKiani, IrfanKiani& Ali Zafar.

FHM: How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it before?
AH: DilSey.

FHM: How do you educate yourself to take better pictures, whose work has influenced you the most?
AH: I never wanted to be a photographer, neither do I consider myself as one. I am more about films and films will always be my primary passion.


FHM: Where do you get inspiration for such creative shoots?
AH: There is so much to absorb from our surroundings and there is no certain methodology or specific moment of inspiration. When it happens, it happens.

FHM: What kind of tools do you use for post processing?
AH: Photoshop for Pictures. Final Cut pro for videos.

FHM: How much equipment do you typically carry for a photoshoot?
AH: Just one camera and a reflector, mostly.

FHM: Which photography style/genre do you prefer the most?
AH: I love portraits. But, like I said I am not a photographer, neither do I consider myself as one. If you ask me what style/genre I prefer for film making, it would be indie cinema.

FHM: Out of all the photo shoots you have done so far, which one is your favourite and why?
AH: A father would never specify one child as his favourite.

FHM: What do you enjoy the most, Photography or film-making?
AH: As I mentioned earlier, film making. Any given day!

FHM: What makes Abdullah Haris different from everyone else?
AH: I don’t think I am any different. Maybe, that’s one thing that makes me different or it doesn’t. Regardless, it doesn’t matter to me.

FHM: Any message you would like to give to aspiring photographers?
AH: Don’t be influenced, be inspired. Find your own signature style. Do not attempt what has been done, the way it has been done. Don’t follow anyone’s footsteps, create your own.




FHM: Favorite model (male)?
AH: Hasnain Lehri.

FHM: Favorite model (female)?
AH: Rabia Butt.

FHM: Indoor or Outdoor shoot?
AH: Outdoor.

FHM: Favorite location?
AH: Sea.

FHM: One gear that you love to use?
AH: Gears don’t matter. People matter.

FHM: Three things you like about this industry?
AH: Progress, progress and money.

FHM: Three things you don’t like about this industry?
AH: Gossip, rumors and judgments.

FHM: Favorite designer?
AH: Ali Xeeshan.

FHM: Favouriteperfume?
AH:1 Million Paco Rabanne

FHM: Describe yourself in three words?
AH: Oblivious, Quiet, and Artistic

FHM: Colours you love the most?
AH: I love all colours.

FHM: Do you love pets?
AH: I have a beautiful macaw parrot.

FHM: Your fitness mantra?
AH: Not there yet

FHM: Favourite movie genre?
AH: Indie.

FHM: One thing you can’t live without?
AH: My parents.

FHM: Favourite holiday destination?
AH: Prague.

FHM: Places you wish to visit?
AH: Rome, Italy, Norway.

FHM: Place you have recently visited?
AH: Naraan.

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