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Rules to follow this Fashion Week!

The first Fashion Week was held in 2009. Today, there are two Fashion Weeks in the city each year. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a fashion show, there are some general rules for behavior that you should observe.


1. Invitations come at a premium, so remember that you’re the guest of a fashion house and be sure to RSVP your invitation.

2. Be punctual. The show will not begin late (unless you’re a celebrity or VIP Guest) just because you are, which means your seat will be filled before you can beg for forgiveness.

3. You’re not obliged to wear clothes from the designer of the show you’re attending unless you’re an A-list celebrity who will be photographed.

4. Take your seat, not of any blogger’s LOL. If the seat does not have your name on it, it’s not yours.

5. If you’re sitting in the front row, don’t cross your legs. With the different lengths of hemlines these days, the photographers might capture more than they should.

6. Manage your accessories. If you have chopsticks in your hair, remove them for the guests behind you. keep your phones a little down. If you’re carrying a large bag, place it close to your chair so no one can trip over it.


7. Never chew gum here or anywhere else in public. You might end up in an unflattering video.

8. It’s okay to use your smartphone, but do so discreetly. It’s distracting to the people around you otherwise.

9. Once the show begins, stay in your seat. It’s rude to leave for any reason except an emergency.

10. Clapping for the designer at the end of the show is fine, but hooting and waving your arms as if you were at a football game is not.

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