Fahim Burney talks to FHM Pakistan about his new serial “LAAJ”.


I have directed a lot of dramas, most of them were based of my fantasy so a lot of bloggers criticized my work that it is consistent  but I have always tried to maintain the entertainment which my audience want to see. I worked for 8 long years on the script of “Laaj”, as you know honor killing is becoming common and my motive is to promote and provide education, I am against of early age marriages. So this serial is based on these real life incidents.


The cast includes : Sabeeka Imam, Iqra Aziz, Zarnish, Kamran Jilani, Saleem Sheikh, Haajra, Asma Abbas, Hafiz Mohsin Ali, Nayyar Ejaz, Mirza Zain Baig, Muhammad Ashraf Rahi, etc.13728906_10206634270517391_5941893076385955737_n

Picture source: Hum Tv,

As I mentioned, the script is 8 years old and initially it was really different from now what you’re going to see, so I worked on the script according to the current scenarios of the society. I have tried to portray real characters from which people can relate to themselves. Although, the story is written by Erum Wasi and saima Wasi but as a director my involvement is there to mould the story so that people can enjoy watching this serial.  All of the actors worked really hard to play their characters, be it Zarnish, Iqra and Sabeeka. For me script is not the Bible, I always ask my actors to improvise. Sometimes it was really hard for all of us to shoot in 49 degree temperature, so it became really tiring. I am also planning to open schools for all those girls who can’t afford to study (due to any reason).


My next project is a feature film, currently I am working on the script as directing a film has always been my dream. We wish Fahim Burney Good luck for the serial LAAJ and his future endeavors.

Do not Forget to watch “LAAJ” (starting from today) every Saturday at 8 pm on HUM TV.

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